Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beet Pulp I - You want me to eat WHAT???

Beet Pulp

  • Is the fiber left over after the sugar is removed from sugar beets
  • Averages 9.6% protein
  • Is low sugar (avg 10.1%) and starch (avg 1.3%)
  • Provides energy at 1.2Mcal per pound (similar to alfalfa, slightly less than oats)
  • Can replace up to 25% of the hay ration
  • Can help “hard keepers” gain/maintain weight without adding excess sugar and starch
  • Will hold 3 to 10 times it’s volume in water
  • Can be soaked and fed in a consistency from barely "moist” for horses with chewing problems to "soupy” to help get in fluid

Hmmm...this stuff ain't so bad after all

~ See How to Soak and Feed Beet Pulp

~ Read The Famous Squirrel Story (Susan Evans Garlinghouse, DVM's nutrition pages)

~ Reference DairyOne Feed Composition Library

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