Saturday, November 27, 2010

Equine Pituitary Dysfunction Test Choices Analyzed by New Bolton Center's Jill Beech VMD

From Fran Jurga`s Hoof Blog: Up-to-the Minute News from Hoofcare & Lameness Journal: Equine Pituitary Dysfunction Test Choices Analyzed...: "In our new age of horses as companion animals, a significant proportion of our equine population would be considered into or at least approaching the geriatric phase of life. Equine pituitary disease and disorders are a concern in the horse-owning public..."

Because it is a late sign, laminitis is a poor "diagnostic" indicator for PPID (Cushing's disease). Testing ACTH (with Cornell as our lab of choice), despite the difficulties in handling and shipping and the possibility of false negatives or positives is immensely better than waiting until your horse has laminitis or has foundered.
It's always good news when our knowledge base about diagnosing this disease is broadened or - as here - confirmed.

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