Monday, April 09, 2012

Can My IR Horse Still Live Like a Horse?

Many people feel "a horse's place is in the pasture" and are often dismayed to find out their Insulin Resistant horses shouldn't be grazing on all that lovely green grass.

"A frequent question/concern emerges with the newly diagnosed insulin resistant or Cushings horse: How can my horse enjoy life if he is not living like a
horse? How can he have any quality of life if not allowed to graze? Will he have to be confined, locked away in lonely isolation while the other horses are out in the fields?" 

In How Can My Horse Live Like a Horse  veterinarian and ECIR Group moderator Jaini Clougher explains how you can continue to provide movement and social interaction for your horse without exposing him to the problems associated with grass for IR horses.  You can read Dr. Clougher's article here .

If you suspect your horse may have Insulin Resistance/Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Cushing's Disease/PPID, you can get detailed information and support from the ECIR Group and their information website  

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