Tuesday, July 23, 2013

100 Miles in Twenty Four Hours

What does it take to go one hundred miles in twenty four hours or less, with temperatures above 100 - and then be judged "fit to continue"?

Dedication, training, conditioning, good hoof care and a great foundation diet!

The top endurance horses in the U.S. go on and on. We see them year after year - healthy, sound whether barefoot and booted or shod, with lots of reserve.  What they were fed three or six months ago can make the difference between winning the Tevis or Haggin cups or not making those tough last few miles.

Congratulations to Take A Break and rider Rusty Toth on their first place Tevis win.  Haggin cup winner Julioslastchance, ridden by Suzanne Hedgecock, was deemed the Top Ten horse "in the most superior physical condition" following the race.

Watch these two amazing horses in action and consider what the right diet, great hoof care and a consistent conditioning program could do for your horse.

2013 TEVIS & HAGGIN CUP WINNERS Gold Country Videos

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Patti - in very warm Vail AZ
Don't forget the salt!

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