Sunday, December 31, 2006

AZ Regional Mix and AZ First Balance

AZ Regional Mix was formulated as a maintenance supplement to safely provide nutrients known to be typically needed with Arizona and Southwest hays without supplying excess amounts of any nutrient, and not include nutrients usually found in excess in regional hays (such as iron and, often, manganese).

I originally formulated this custom mix for my own horses. Several friends began using it with good results and my trimmer began recommending it to her clients. Rod at HorseTech agreed to call the it AZ Regional Mix and added a section called Popular Custom Products to his website so it could be ordered online.

AZ First Balance is a more intense version, supplying higher levels of minerals and some vitamins, with higher levels of biotin and added lysine and methionine for horses that need a "jump start", while still ensuring nutrient levels are kept withing KER and NRC guidelines for safety. After a cycle or two on First Balance, most horses can be transitioned to the less expensive Regional Mix for maintenance.

Both these flax-based supplements are similar to many of the standard supplements offered by HorseTech but have been "tweaked" to provide a custom supplement that reflects the needs of the Southwest horse.

The cost is comparable (and usually less) than many "off-the-shelf" supplements of similar quality. Despite the "AZ" in the name, these supplements are suitable for any part of the country where iron levels in hay are adequate to high and you want to feed a complete iron-free supplement without grain or alfalfa based fillers.

For a PDF file with a detailed comparison of AZ Regional Mix and AZ First Balance, email me at The file shows a complete analysis, cost comparison and explanations of each of the ingredients used in these two supplements. (Because these are "custom" formulations made to my specifications, HorseTech does not list the analysis for these supplements on their web site.)

• By phone from HorseTech – 1-800-831-3309.
• Specify either CP-082305 AZ Regional Mix or CP-051506 AZ First Balance
• AZ Regional Mix can also be ordered online at HorseTech in the "Popular Custom Products" section at the bottom left of their home page (where you can also find magnesium oxide and spirulina)