Friday, June 14, 2013

Dr. Kellon Live with ECIR's Jaini Clougher

In case you missed the live interview with Dr. Eleanor Kellon and ECIR Group Inc president Dr. Jaini Clougher, go to to listen to the archived interview.

Jefferson Public Radio covers the Oregon and Northern California area including Jacksonville, where the NO Laminitis! 2013 conference - featuring Eleanor Kellon, VMD and Hoof Physiologist Robert Bowker, VMD, Phd - will be held in September.

The Oregon Veterinary Examining Board has approved the conference program for 13 Continuing Education credits - a great opportunity for your vet or other equine professional to enjoy an informative weekend in a beautiful area.  Lots of points of interest for other members of the family, and a short trip to some of the major BLM Mustang Herd Management areas. Lots more information at

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