Sunday, June 04, 2017

Nifty Conversion Calculator

Confused about how many milligrams of copper or grams of calcium, etc. are in your horse's feed or supplement? I know some days my brain is simply too tired to do the math.

But the Triple Crown Feed website has an easy to use conversion calculator -  simply plug in the amount shown on the label, select the "units" (ppm, %, etc.) shown and the calculator will show the results.

For example - if the label on your feed bag reads "Copper 65 ppm", the calculator will show that there are 25.9 mg in each pound of feed and you will likely need to feed 3-1/2 to 4 lbs a day to meet the average horse's minimum copper requirement (of 95+ mg).

$$$ In, $$$ Out - make your $$$ count!

If this were a "supplement" which you'd usualy feed in ounces,  at 1.8 mg/oz you'd see that it doesn't come anywhere near supplying sufficient copper without feeding some huge amount.

Don't shop for feed or supplements blindly - you can use the calculator to see if your horse is really going to get what he needs.  And don't get taken in by the "BIG" bucket - checking with the conversion calculator can help you decide if it's truely a bargain or if you're paying good money for a lot of filler.

Happy Summer!
Patti in (very warm) Vail AZ